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Sports Physicals for Student-Athletes: What You Should Know

Why Does My Child Need A Sports Physical?

Annual sports physicals may not seem necessary if your child appears to be perfectly healthy, but they are an important part of student athletics. These exams aim to maximize the health of student-athletes by ensuring there are no pre-existing medical conditions that may worsen by playing sports.

Student-athletes in Louisiana are required by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) to complete sports physicals annually. These sports physicals consist of a medical history evaluation and physical exam.

LHSAA provides a sports physical form to be completed by a healthcare professional — such as a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. This form must be kept on file at your child’s school once completed.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Sports Physical

The sports physical consists of a family and personal medical history evaluation, as well as a physical exam. The purpose of a medical history evaluation is to identify any potential hereditary or personal medical conditions, or any previous injuries that may exist. The healthcare provider will then conduct a physical exam, which may consist of:

  • General physical exam to check the ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs and abdomen

  • Vision check

  • Check blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and rhythm

  • Height and weight measurement

  • Evaluate flexibility, joints, posture and strength

As you can see, sports physicals are an important part of student-athletes' health. If your child is in need of a sports physical for the upcoming school year, schedule an appointment with Cypress Health and Wellness! We are located in Youngsville, LA and are qualified to perform sports physicals for kids and teens.

*It is important to note that sports physicals are not a substitute for routine annual check ups*

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